Our Mission and Values

Our Mission, Vision, Values and Core Behaviors

Our Mission

The mission of Trident Vein Center is to help people lead healthier and happier lives with better-feeling and better-looking legs. We serve our patients by continuing to provide the highest quality medical care available. We strive to improve lives in the Nashville area by providing state-of-the-art venous care in a compassionate and affordable manner.

Our Vision

To accomplish this mission, Trident Vein Center will provide comprehensive vascular services for our patients, utilizing leading-edge technology and techniques. Our clinical care staff will work together as a close-knit team and in turn, this collaborative culture will allow us to continually attract the highest quality clinicians and staff members.

The Nashville area is also a place we call home. Our patients are our friends, family and neighbors. Trident Vein Center will continue to work actively in support of this community through volunteer service and charitable giving.

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Our Values

Trident Vein Center’s approach to clinical excellence is based on the following C A R E values in our daily practice. These apply to interactions with everyone we view as our patients, referring physicians, staff, vendors and the greater Nashville community.

Compassion. The empathy that we show towards our patients begins with active listening. We then respond with the action that we believe will provide the best treatment outcome.

Accountability. Trident Vein Center promotes a culture of responsibility through responsiveness and follow-through. Our ability to provide the highest level of care affords us the confidence to stand by our service for each patient. Accuracy is of the utmost importance. The collaborative nature of our work helps us eliminate mistakes and make the most educated decisions possible.

Respect. Sensitivity applies to much more than the physical symptoms of healthcare. We promote respect through consideration of each patient’s unique viewpoints and emotions. This culture allows us to foster a positive environment to address important healthcare needs. If our patients understand that they can trust us with their personal feelings as well as their health concerns, we will be able to build relationships that offer a lifetime of care.

Excellence. We are committed to going above and beyond expectations for all patients of Trident Vein Center. Our goal is to create a positive experience that provides reassurance and results. We offer professional service and advanced technology, all within a compassionate setting. By continuously taking the initiative to expand our knowledge base, we give our patients a sense of security in knowing that they are in the most capable hands.

Our Core Behaviors

Trident Vein Center’s approach to clinical excellence is based on behaviors that we expect people in our organization to exhibit as part of accomplishing our mission.  These apply to interactions with everyone we encounter in the greater Nashville community.

We're better together. It's through teamwork and collaboration that we do our best work.

Deliver WOW through Servanthood. Have a “how-can-I-help” attitude. Go out of our way to help. Be humble, flexible, and proactive.

Pursue education for ourselves and everyone we encounter.

Relate to each other as family and as a team by showing respect, loyalty, and a positive team spirit.

Innovate our processes with an open creative mind by embracing and driving change.

Be efficient and create excellent work.

Catch people doing something right and praise them. Have an attitude of gratitude.

Contact our office at 615.455.3000 to begin your journey to healthier, pain free legs.


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