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Welcome to Trident Vein Center, where cutting-edge technology meets compassionate expertise. Our dedicated team is committed to restoring and revitalizing your veins, ensuring optimal health beyond the surface. Say goodbye to discomfort as we tailor personalized solutions for comprehensive vein care. Step into a future where confidence and well-being intertwine. Your journey to look and feel your best starts with us.

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Thomas Cunningham, M.D.

Dr. Cunningham has performed thousands of minimally invasive, catheter-based, and ultrasound guided vascular procedures. Dr. Cunningham’s focus is on treating patients with varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, edema, venous stasis, and / or leg ulcers. Many of the patients that seek treatment at Trident Vein Center have suffered with leg pain for many years resulting in a very poor quality of life. Others have spent years improperly diagnosed or treated with now outdated methodologies, such as vein stripping.

Our Mission

The mission of Trident Vein Center is to help people lead healthier and happier lives with better-feeling and better-looking legs. We serve our patients by continuing to provide the highest quality medical care available. We strive to improve lives in the Nashville area by providing state-of-the-art venous care in a compassionate and affordable manner.

Our Vision

To accomplish this mission, Trident Vein Center will provide comprehensive vascular services for our patients, utilizing leading-edge technology and techniques. Our clinical care staff will work together as a close-knit team and in turn, this collaborative culture will allow us to continually attract the highest quality clinicians and staff members.

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