With men’s shorts getting shorter and shorter, these guys saved my life!!!

Ok, Where should I start…This place is so awesome!

Having some varicose veins as a 38 year old guy, not the coolest thing. I don’t lead out with it at parties, ya know? So, I was a tad uncomfortable at first…but, man, did that change fast!

After meeting Dr. Cunningham and his INCREDIBLE team, I’m almost glad I had them now! I feel like I haven’t just wildly improved the look of my legs, I’ve made friends. They are all SOOO cool! They’ll put you at ease, and have you laughing the whole time. Watch and see!

If, by chance, you have a family member who needs a procedure, but speaks Spanish…they’re staff is also bilingual (maybe even trilingual if you count a Lewisburg accent as almost it’s own language!), and more than ready to help.

Ice cold La Croix water in the waiting area, the nicest staff, and the Godfather of Vein Surgery himself, Dr. Cunningham…what else could you ask for!?

Even if you’re not in the Spring Hill area, I’d HIGHLY advise, it’s worth the drive. I’d had this procedure done a few years back and they left quite a bit of scar tissue…so don’t believe all of these places are the same. It’d be worth your time, for your legs’ sake, to make the drive. They even helped me identify my high blood pressure which I’m taking meds for now. The whole Trident team goes beyond the call of normal duty, like a throwback to the good ol’ days of doctor care where you didn’t just represent an insurance number or a dollar sign.

Hands down, they are the GOAT. Like Jordan, or Brady…add Trident to the list of Greatest of All-Time!!

Thanks to all of you for helping me out…I can finally keep up with men’s fashion again…just gotta quit skipping leg day in the gym now!

Sooo appreciate y’all!

- JT 09/2022

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